Sunday, January 6, 2013

Major Life Space Moment: My BIG Surprise!

When I first learned I was pregnant, my husband was not home so I immediately decided to record a video to share the news with him and capture my initial feelings.  In our household, my husband tends to express himself through made up songs [oftentimes rap--what a treat, I tell ya!] and I tend to express myself through made up dances.  Though he didn't initially sing (out of too much shock), I did dance!!!  And it's a good thing I don't mind laughing at myself!!


  1. OK I LOVE EVERY BIT OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are just too stinking cute! I love the video and so will your baby!!!!!
    It makes me so happy just watching this! Such a sweet idea.

    Your room and office are decorated very nice.
    I LOVE BOTH of your dresses! :)

    1. Thank you, Suzi! The baby is now here (yay!) and I'm ready to return to my blog! I have a whole slew of posts in mind so I'm pretty excited to get back to it! I appreciate your feedback on my bedroom and former "scrapbook room" turned nursery; I will be posting pics of each as I am eager to share my recent craft and paint projects!